10 Awesome Mowing Tips for a Healthier Lawn

A beautiful green lawn is something that most of us want. A lawn that is lush and green and allows for picnics, lawn games, and other types of fun is the dream of any homeowner. It is not a difficult thing to keep your lawn looking and feeling the way you want it. There are a few simple tips you can use to make caring for your lawn an easier and less frustrating task.

Mowing Tips for A Happy and Healthy Lawn

Hiring professional landscapers or buying a robot mower are good options to take this task off your hands. However, if you like taking care of your lawn for its therapeutic value or just as an excuse to be away from the computer, we have some tips you’ll love.

1. Judge mowing by the length of the grass.

It is good to mow your lawn once a week during the growing months, but you should also keep the height of the grass in mind. The general rule is to always keep a third of the ideal height for your specific type of grass. Different kinds of grass have different ideal heights. If you’re not sure what type of grass you have, ask a professional.

2. Avoid scalping.

This ties in with the mowing schedule and keeping a third of the height. Scalping refers to cutting the grass too short and making it vulnerable to damage by the sun, loss of nutrients, and weeds. When grass is cut too low, it causes damage to the grass and will leave you with a lot of other issues like weeds and yellow-looking grass.

3. Buy the right lawnmower for your lawn.

The size of your garden will determine the size of mower you need. If you have a small garden, owning a tractor mower or the largest pushing mower on the market is unnecessary. Mowers come in all different sizes, and you should buy one that suits your garden size. The type of mower may depend on the grass type and the look you want. For example, if you want lines on your lawn, you will need a roller drive.

4. Always ow with sharp mower blades.

It is common sense, but a mower with sharper blades will cut the grass smoother and cleaner. This will cause less damage to the grass and allow for better growth. A dull blade will tear the grass and cause an uneven look and also damage it, making it vulnerable to sun exposure, weeds, and diseases.

5. Change the direction of mowing.

It is a good idea to change the direction of mowing every now and then. It helps the grass grow upright and not lopsided. This will give your lawn a neater and straighter look, and it will be more enjoyable to walk and sit on.

6. Don’t mow your lawn when the grass is wet.

Mowing wet grass causes an uneven cut and clogs up the mower. The grass tends to fall over which means you either won’t cut all the blades or you will cut them at different heights. This leaves you with an uneven and unappealing looking lawn. It is also not good for the mower. In addition, this runs the risk of creating ruts in the wet soil, which you don’t want.

7. Adjust the mower height for different seasons.

Taller grass helps to shade the soil and protect the grassroots. So, in summer you can let the grass grow a bit longer which means you need to set the mower a bit higher. During the colder seasons and where there is snow, you can lower the mower deck and cut the grass a little bit shorter.

8. Mow the grass at the cooler times of the day.

The sun damages grass and can also absorb all its water. Instead of mowing at the hottest time of day, mow later in the day when the shade is falling on the lawn. This will reduce the amount of water that the grass loses when it’s mown. This will keep the grass hydrated and healthier for longer.

9. Let shaded grass grow longer.

When your grass is under trees or buildings that cause shade, you can allow it to grow a little longer. The longer grass offers more surface area for photosynthesis to take place which is great for shaded grass. This is one of the most important things to remember with shaded lawns.

10. Make use of grasscycling.

Grasscycling refers to the practice of using cut grass as mulch or fertilizer. Some people will say you should always pick up the grass clippings; however, they may be useful. If you make use of grasscycling, you will save yourself time, money, and effort. The grass clippings can be mulched to fertilize and protect the grass.

A Healthy Lawn- Mowing Is The Key

These ten tips are great for making sure that you take great care of your lawn. If you want a green and lush lawn in summer that allows for fun and play, these tips will help you get there. With the right mower and the right knowledge, you will create a paradise without too much effort. If you follow our simple tips, you will find that taking care of your lawn is much easier and takes a lot less maintenance than you think. A healthy lawn is a happy lawn!

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